Company Profile

Fire Fighting Products & Systems

SES-ENSER Engineering Srl, leader in Fire Protection Technology and applications. All activities related to Fire & Gas Detection will became integrated with Fire Protection Systems. SES-ENSER Engineering‘s has a solid continuity and a carefully controlled expansion growth. The number of prestigious and satisfied customers is a proof of SES-ENSER Engineering‘s excellent reputation as a “leader” in its field of operation.

We will continue to pursue our mission and successful strategies to ensure:

  • Product and System Reliability
  • Continuous investments into our R&D for both electrical and mechanical products and system applications, in order to upgrade technology and quality, and to develop new and innovative products.
  • Economy with Intelligent Design
    Keep flexible approaches in designing customized solutions using our streamlined organization.
  • Worldwide Services
    Services throughout the globe, supported by an extensive network of Agents and after sales service.
  • Dedication to the Customer
    High quality services coupled with an established level of support, from enquiry throughout post delivery. Our major task is constantly keeping a top top level performance till reaching Customer Satisfaction.